I mess up my HP, Help


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I could not get online for several days. Tried everything I could think of.
I recently downloaded SP3. I'm not sure if it coincided exactly with the
start of my problem or not, but I did an uninstall of SP3 :frowning:
It gave me a warning that a few things might not work properly
after the uninstall, well they don't work.
The computer seems to load Windows and then the the screen is
Black. The mouse and keyboard don't respond. I think those were
two of the 5 or 6 items that I was warned might not work properly.
At reboot I can get into the restore section but I don't want to lose
my data. I have three options; 1: D:\MiniNT
2: D:\I386
3: C:\windows
I've searched elsewhere and it always says backup your data before the
recovery (even if it is not the destructive recovery). I would put my data
on a thumb drive if I knew how.
Ok, there's my problem any suggestions?
I'll attempt to get into safe mode after I log off and see if that does anything.
Thanks, MikeK


I booted in safe mode and it did the same thing, loaded windows and
went to black. The keyboard does seems to be functional, it will
recognize up, down, L, R, F1, F8, F10, etc. The hard drive seems
to just shut down after Windows loads (no blinking light).
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