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I have 2 sata hard drivesand 1 sataii hard drive 1 with vista on it ,one with xp 32 and xp64 bit on it and one with Ubuntu studio and PC LinuxOS obviously in there own partitions . I have installed easy bcd on the vista drive and added the other o/s to the list ( except I am stiill not that sure about how to use supergrub or neogrub and have been unable to boot into either linux o/s from the boot list ? )

I have tried several times to get the other XP o/s systems to boot from the list but they declare that the file <windows root > \system32\ntoskrnl.exe is missing and the system cannot boot . Vista boots fine from the list .

I don't recall now in what order I installed the o/s's or even if the linux ones are still there !!!!!

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ok a couple of probs > 1 . how do I know what drive is the BOOT drive ?
2. and where do I look for the root directory ?
3. and how do I point bcd at the boot drive ?

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In Admin Tools/Comp mgmt/Disk Mgmt, your Boot disk is marked as "active", and the one marked "boot" is actually the one you're currently booted into (not necessarily where the boot information is - brilliant misuse of English by MS)
The root is x:\ (where x is the disk letter of the boot drive - probably C:\ or D:\)
Don't understand your 3rd question
q. # 3 refers to point 1 of the link I was given ie > 'Make sure EasyBCD's Windows XP entry points to the boot drive '

thnx terry so far ! rimskyx


oh yea and which file /folder name do i look for the root directory ? where the files ie NTDLR etc reside ?
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The files are in the root fo the drive. They are hidden by default. You have to unhide them. Tools>Folder Options>View tab

There uncheck all the boxes. The show hidden files and the one that says to hide system protected files (Recommended)

The files you need are under that last heading.

After you do that and look at the XP Drive you will see the files just sitting there not in any folder. Just copy them to the root of the boot drive.

After you do that remove the XP entry and re add it using the boot drive letter. Not the XP drive letter. This will point EasyBCD to the boot drive and allow youto dual boot correctly.
Yes - root means not in any folder ie x:\NTLDR x:\boot.ini etc
You have to make sure that you copy them from your XP drive to the boot drive (if it's not XP)
The copies on this site are identical but only necessary if you've somehow lost or corrupted your own copies.
Then look in another drive. If they are not there that would be why you can not boot into XP at all. You need to have those files to boot into XP. They are mandatory. We have them up for download in the Wiki on one of hte several pages that we have linked to already.

The root of the drive means just that. No folders not under anything else. Just in the very beginning of the drive.