I need help/advice on Triple booting vista/xp/ubuntu


Im sorry I don't know where is the right place for this post so I put it here.

I just learned dual booting last two days ago. I successfully dual booted my Toshiba satellite A200 laptop with Vista/Xp. After numbers of trials. I want to add ubuntu on the list. I used the vista disk management to partition my drive. Here is the outcome:

Vista on drive C: (obviously)
Data on drive G:
windows XP on drive D:
and hopefully ubuntu on drive E: (Blank at this time)

I wonder if it is possible to install ubuntu in my present disk partitions. If no please give me some advice and instructions.

Im hoping for your kind response.

Thank you,
-snidey A. Wannabee

Mak 2.0

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Yes you can install Ubuntu on that partition just fine. But i am wondering how you got XP to install on a partition that was not a primary partition. Windows wont allow for that. Are you sure that you do not have XP installed on the G Drive?


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According to CG Mak, it's only XP setup that can't cope. If the disk is pre-formatted, XP (SP2) should install OK.
though I'm a little confused where the boot drive is, because none of the drives is marked "active" in the screenshot given.
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The boot drive is D:\ the System drive is the Vista drive.
thanks for the reply.

@terry, I took that screenshot using XP OS disk management. Drive C: is marked active in Vista Disk management.

@makaveli, thanks for the answer. Yes I'm sure i installed XP (SP2) on drive D:. Is there a link for ubuntu installation tutorial that you can give me?

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Mak 2.0

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Not a problem.