I need to recover vista from dual boot conflict


I have been at this for days,i have searched for a possible solution,but nothing.
Here is exactly what i did:I installed xp,then vista,then i decided i don't want xp anymore so i deleted the entry with easy bcd.Everything was fine until i decided to format the partiton.When i restarted vista would not boot and i got a short message error about some disk error.
I then installed xp.From xp i reinstalled the vista bootloader with easy bcd,but to no avail.I even deleted the entry from boot.ini of win xp so that vista would boot but i got an error about bcd.something being corrupt or missing.I then reinstalled xp and made an entry from boot.ini for vista.Xp loads fine but when i try to enter vista it gives me the message hal.dll missing or corrupted.
Any suggestions?I would hate to format the vista disk now,but a last resort nonetheless.

Forgot to mention the dvd repair method is not an option as i don't have the dvd with me.
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I tried only the last solution from that page,because i don't have the vista dvd with me.After reseting the bcd data,i added an entry for vista but at system startup it does not show up.
Thanks for the quick answer tough.
I will now try the recovery disc method.
In what format should i write the disc?UDF?
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No, don't burn the ISO file as a data cd, but open the ISO program in you burning application and let it do the rest.
Thank you so much Computer Guru,you saved me a lot of time and frustration,and the recovery disc neosmart has made is great too.Thank you again Computer Guru!