I need to reinstall BOOTMGR

Click the ISO folder and see if there is a large file inside - 2.5 gb or so would be good.

Post another screenshot showing What is inside the ISO folder.

Do you have the product key ? ( probably stickered on the side of the machine).
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The folder is actually empty =[. I do have the product key.

Here is what the inside looks like.

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That's odd. What is inside the sources folder, and please post a screenshot of Disk Management window.

Is there an option to burn recovery discs somewhere in the HP program in the start menu folder?

If necessary , you can get hold of a Vista installation dvd and use your product key. Any proper 32 bit Vista MS install media will do - they all contain the files to install all Editions.

Before doing that , go to HP site and download and save on cd the Vista 32 bit drivers for your model .

Otherwise, I believe HP send out recovery discs free of charge, if you contact your local online support.
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No it doesn't have a option for me to create recovery disk and I know I didn't delete it

Wait what do I need to do to order the recovery disk again?
Google HP support for your country - there will be somewhere there to request replacement recovery discs.
Hey, when looking through my c drive I found this folder =]



Could I try to reformat with this? This folder was a hidden folder.
Fantastic - that's what you need. :smile:

Burn it to a dvd as an image with an isoburner - do not format the dvd, if Autoplay pops up, just close it.

You can use this one - courtesy of Active@isoburner:

View attachment isoburner.zip

Browse to the iso image, set the speed at 4x and burn the image.
Okay great! This forum is very VERY helpful!


Okay, I burned it and returned my computer to factory condition but now there is a new problem. I got an error saying unexpected registry path way, click OK to restart.

To fix this I but in the vista recovery disk from this forum.After I did all that and started up my computer I got an error. The error says,"Windows installation cannot proceed. To install windows, click OK to restart the computer and then restart the installation."

Now what should I do?
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Great - thanks for the update.

How did you fix it?

It would be very useful for anyone else who has the same issue.
For my case, I changed the recovery partition to C and the local disk to D by mistake. I also changed the recovery partition to active, another very very bad mistake.

To fix that issue I followed the steps on this link to change the letters on the drivers. So I changed my local disk back to C and my recovery partition back to D.


Then after playing around with CMD I figured out how to change partitions from active to inactive. (Which is just typing Active or Inactive after selecting w/e volume "drive"you need to change)

I used the vista 32bit recovery disk from this forum to access the command prompt.

That's pretty much it, I learned how to use the CMD. Learning how to use the CMD was kinda fun makes me want to look into learning a scripting language. By the way which language is used most for games?
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For my case, I changed the recovery partition to C and the local disk to D by mistake. I also changed the recovery partition to active, another very very bad mistake.

That explains it.

So , the installation dvd you burned from the .iso - would have worked ?

The .iso you found is very large - it must include a lot of drivers and proprietary programs.
Oh yea ,it would have worked flawlessly if I wouldn't have messed with stuff. And yea it was very big LOL 4.4 gigs I think.