i need xp setup to install without upgrade os prompt...

I have been trying to install a recently nLited copy of Windows XP OEM(or VLK??)with SP3 pre-slipstreamed (...I personally slipstreamed f6 critical MB drivers with nLite as well!!) in Oracle Virtual Box,and keep getting "previous windows os missing...((need previous windows os to continue..??)) to upgrade ((??)) ; i was wondering if there was any workaround for this XP setup "error" (IMO!!) that could be implemented to install this Windows XP edition without being prompted for a "previous up-gradable windows os" in text mode xp setup????


Mostly Harmless
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Windows XP still had a distinction between "Upgrade" and "Full" versions of the OS setup disc. It sounds like you're either using the wrong base ISO for the image or something went wrong in the slipstreaming and converted a full setup disc into an upgrade one.