I reboot connects to internet


Hello ,

I am sorry to come marchin in like this but I couldn't find my answer.

I have a short question:

Why does Ireboot connect to internet and why does it stop working after I block it with my firewall?

Greets from holland.
It's a long time since I last used iReboot, so can't be sure, but does it have a "check for updates" option which you haven't unticked ?
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Thank you for the response.

That's insightfull.
Only I use winXP and I didn't know it used UAC.
But I guess it's still the way it's programmed to get around the security.

But now that I know I can sleep again :smile:
Ok I am trying 1.0 now.

Since recently I need my computer to wake up on certain moments when I want to acess files with my mediastreamer.
Only I found out that some processes easily cause my computer to wake up with the wake enabled on my lan card..
Ireboot was one of the supsects for this to happen so maybe 1.0 will fix this.
It is one of those programs that I just want to keep in the taskbar and don't worry about it, so I can access it quickly when I need it.
I don't think iReboot 1.1 would have caused that. iReboot doesn't open a port on the physical network adapter, it uses the local loopback IP which won't trigger a WoL call to the physical LAN adapter.