I thought booted os supposed to be drive C:


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I am trying to setup multiboot system XP/Vista32 on 2 separate hard drives. I was under the impression that which ever OS is booted to is supposed to make it's drive be C: and the other drive will be whatever it needs to be.

I had previously had XP/Vista64 running and that was what happened, but now (and I just reinstalled Vista32) vista boots and it still comes up on E: drive.

Is EasyBCD actually causing this? I don't believe I had it installed when vista would boot as drive C: even though it resides on 2nd drive.
No this is not a factor from EasyBCD. This happened during the install of Vista. If you had started the install from within Windows XP that is what would cause this. It could also have been that it detected the previous install of Vista and that caused it to use Drive E.
thanks, I have reinstalled from Vista CD boot and it is now drive C:
While I would actually like to do the other way, drives keep their letters, I am paranoid that even in this day and age, there will be problems with OS drive not being C:.

The post refered to above by Terry states that either way should function fine, but... any real world experience people???
My Vista is C:\, and my XP is D:\ (whichever one is booted).
The only problem if you have a booted system which is not C:\ is if it can see another device that is C:\
and that problem is not with the OS, but with poorly written 3rd party apps.
Some apps (like anything written by Adobe), no matter where you tell the installer to put them, will still put stuff in C:\program files\common files, if it can see a C:\ disk. Some will create C:\theirownfiles in addition to where you tell it to install, and the very worst type won't even give you an option where to install, and will go straight to C:\ if there is one.
I avoid this situation by hiding Vista from XP (for protection of Vista's restore points) with HnS, which means that there is no C:\ drive when XP is booted, and even stupid 3rd party installations manage to create D:\theirowncrapfiles when they've no C:\ to play around with.