I want my Grub back!


Maybe this is already covered. I tried EasyBCD to see how easy it was. It seems OK but now I want to have my old Grub II menu back. How do I put it back the way it was?
Thanks for any help!!:huh: David
EasyBCD isn't a boot manager. It doesn't replace grub (or anything else)
You can use it as a tool to put either the Vista/7 bootmgr or the XP NTLDR back in charge if they've been accidentally overwritten (by grub or each other), but that will only happen under your explicit command.
What did you do with EasyBCD ?
I followed the instructions for dual booting. Both Win7 and Ubuntu installed with Grub II as the boot loader. I must have chosen the wrong path or location for the Ubuntu because it won't start up. I tried to undo everything and start over but there doesn't seem to be a path for this. Any ideas?


Update: I currently cannot enter my Ubuntu install. I get "Try (HDD 0,0) :" and a blinking cursor. No Grub menu...
Not really sure what to do...
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Do you mean you installed W7 after Ubuntu and it took control of the boot away from grub2 ?
Did you add a Linux entry to the W7 BCD with EasyBCD 2.0 selecting grub2 from the dropdown ?

Thanks, Terry...
I already had a dual boot with Win 7 and Ubuntu.
I installed EasyBCD 2.2 and followed the instructions as defined for after the OS installations. I can boot into Win 7 fine but I cannot boot into my Ubuntu. I get the error as described in the updated reply.
Thanks for the help...
Sorry, I still don't understand.
You had a working dual boot, but you did something with EasyBCD and now it doesn't work ?
What did you do ?
Thanks, Kairozamorro...
I have Grub 2 menu back but it still goes to the EasyBCD menu after selecting Window 7 loader... Kind of redundant now..
Any suggestions?