I Want to Change The Jpg In EasyBCD

A friend Of Mine Setup Easy-BCD On My Laptop (Which Is Booting 3 OS's .) He did This so fast I didn't Get the chance to see How He Configured The Jpg And Fonts, The Jpg At the time was good But I have found A more worthy Jpg For my system, any help would be welcome as I Have never done this before but like How it works, Also I Have a small problem, when I Boot up Easy-BCD I get what looks like A Snow Field (For Lack of A better Description.) on my load screen this happens once and a while, It doesn't effect the boot up, but just looks unusual, is there any explanation for this occurrence? or is this because it is running on a dell Latitude? (Which I Highly Doubt Has Anything to Do With This.)


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EasyBCD is not bootable.
It's just a utility for managing the contents of your BCD store. It runs as a Windows .NET application.
When you boot your PC, EasyBCD takes no part. It's all MS bootmgr.
Not quite sure what you're referring to, but try right clicking on your desktop and selecting "Personalize"
Is that what you mean ?