I wish you'd make TweakUI compatible with Windows 7

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I was SO excited when I saw the link for TweakUI 64-bit and downloaded it right away.

I was SO deflated when it didn't run on Windows 7 64-bit.
showing an error message saying that the OS must be XP SP1.

Get with it, guys ! Windows 8 is almost here
and we still don't have TweakUI for Win 7 ?

You're doing such a great job with the other tools you make, which are very current.
Please update TweakUI so it runs on Windows 7, both 32 and 64-bit !
Sorry to hear that !

It's still a good idea, though !
It isn't too late to develop a Windows 7-compatible TweakUI.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker does a similar job, but is not as complete.
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TweakUI was built specifically for XP x86 only by Microsoft Developers and although endorsed as a Powertoy by Microsoft they were quick to point out that using it was at your own risk. There never was further development of it for Vista or Windows 7. There are some retail tools out there that are pretty much equivalent.

Tweak Vista and Tweak 7 are but two of the many that are around if you do a Google search.
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Hey if you download Application Compatibility Toolkit and set TweakUI to run in Server 2003 SP1 compatibility mode, it runs. Of course, some tweaks don't apply any more to Windows 7 but whatever tweaks are still applicable still work. You also have to run it as admin. Admin+2003 compatibility mode=works. Here's the proof:

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