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The C: disk Icon is fairly obvious, but does anyone know what this one means ?

On the off chance that it indicated a problem, I've given the drive another chkdsk /r, but the Icon persists.

Better still, is there a list of Windows Icon explanations anywhere ?
I've searched the web with various arguments, but no useful hits.


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User icon means the drives shared. Its possible to change the drive icons, so if its not shared and you havent changed it some software on your computer must have. Also, if its a removeable drive or CD drive (physical or virtual) if an autorun file exists on it it'll show the icon defined in the file.
You're right. It's my user data so it's shared on the LAN to the other PCs
What's it supposed to represent ?
It looks like a couple of ?? hence my thoughts that there was a problem.


Oh I get it.
Just looked at the shared folder Icon
It's two little people.
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