I'd like a triple boot configuration - but how may I do it?

Hi all,
as you may see I'm very new here and I've already read some interesting posts, but didnt find the trick.

I have two hd in my pc. On the first is win7 in the first primary active partition and then somewhere after this is winxp in a logical drive in an extended partition. This configuration is fine handled by EasyBCD(actual beta).
On the second hd I have another primary partition with win2000 in it.
I'd like to have a real triple selection between this three systems.
EasyBCD does not find the boot.ini (although there is one in the win7-partition and and another in the w2k-partition) and the autoconfig feature gives me a configuration where I have to do a second selection between xp and w2k.
But this is not what I want.
BTW: If I press F8 and select to boot from the second hd everything goes smoothely, so all files (like ntldr,ntdetect.com, boot.ini) are in the right places.
Is it possible to get a real triple selection with EasyBCD? How?
I'm afraid that's a MS design feature. Nothing to do with us.
The BCD only contains one XP entry.
That chains control to the legacy NTLDR
NTLDR controls access to all NT systems.

If you want a single menu, you'll need to use a non-MS boot manager.
You can do it using HnS, which will also protect your W7 system restore points from corruption by the NT systems.
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He means "there's no way to do this with the standard Microsoft code."
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Sorry for the confusion.
As CG said, you can't do it with the MS bootmgr.