IE 7 no features on Adanced tab


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I have no advanced features. I went back to ie7 from 9. I have tried all of the resets, and reinstalling. nothing works. what can I do short of reinstalling vista from scratch?


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I trust that this is SP2?

Update IE7 to at least IE8 might fix it. Why did you ditch IE9?

If not you could try a repair installation, tutorial here: Repair Install For Vista - Vista Forums but you'll have to reinstall many updates afterwards and the whole thing hinges on you having the Vista DVD.

Another thing to try, especially if you can't do the above, is a system file check: System Files - SFC Command - Vista Forums


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Then try the system file check option.


I just checked a few things and realized that this could happen for several reasons, 1) past infection, did you have any? 2) indiscriminate use of registry cleaners - did you use any of those? 3) Your version of Windows is missing updates and/or is not a full registered version, does any of that apply?

If you want to reinstall IE9 and try the following which I just found on the web:

There is a simple solution to the blank advanced tab, which has been a problem with all versions of IE off and on.

1. Go to Start -> Run and type in;

regsvr32 /n /i inetcpl.cpl

2. Hit enter.

The missing options should now be restored.

Make sure you keep the spaces as shown, copy and paste is best.


I amended the above post to include a fix for the problem. Try it, The blank Advanced tab is due to a missing registry key. Why it's missing is anyone's guess.
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