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I've got an issue with IE 7 under Vista and am hoping from some guidance here, as the HP solution was to uninstall Flash, and I can't seem to log into newsgroups at Microsoft to post a question...

I almost exclusively use FF 3.0 for browsing, but as we all know, some sites force you to use IE...whether we like it or issue is that if I attempt to run IE with the Flash player disabled, I can't get ANY page to load...on the flip side, if I enable Flash, then I am bombarded with Flash advertising on pages, as well as the annoying sounds contained within the ads...

I have also "reset" all the setting for IE via the tools option within the browser, to no avail...

I have attempted to download and reinstall, but the Microsoft site apparently doesn't want me to do this either, as it states its already installed...

Or will I be forced to reinstall Vista in an attempt to get IE to work properly?...

Any insight would be greatly appreciated...


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Have you tried the Firefox Extension IE View or IE Tab? I dont understand why they would suggest removing Flash. It is mandatory on many sites now. Have you tried to install the latest version?


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I think they may have advised an uninstall of Flash because Vista ships with IE7 and a default flash level which doesn't work on some sites. The automatic Flash update can fail (it did on my system) and the solution is to uninstall Flash, clean it out with Revo, then visit the Adobe site and get the latest Flash installed from scratch.


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Flash 10 is also out now, and is a recommended update.

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Along with being a recommended update it is recommended to run the uninstaller first.

Adobe Flash Player - Downloads

Get the appropriate uninstaller. Run that first. Then run the Adobe Flash 10 Installer.