IE 8 back to IE 7


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I have a situation wherein a time posting system I need does not accomodate IE8.
When I tried to install IE7 I got the message telling me that install could not proceed because a newer version of IE was already installed.

How does one go about getting IE7 back on a machine that presently has IE8 installed? Can it be done?


Hi Ferg, welcome to NST.
If you're talking about Windows 7, IE8 is part of the installed base and you're stuck with it.
In Vista, use Control Panel/Programs and Features, or in XP Control Panel/Add Remove programs, and uninstall IE8.
You'll then be back to IE7.
I recently did just that in my XP boot when IE8 broke WUD.
Btw Terry, if a site's not loading correctly (such as WU) in IE8 they have a new "compatibility view" button next to the address bar that appears when IE8 detects something only valid with previous versions of IE. I've had a few problems on some sites, but enabling compatibility view refreshes the page rendering it as an older version of IE would and hasn't failed me yet anyway.
That was a bit of shorthand Jus. When I say "it broke WUD", that was just the final straw. It actually failed on every URL I tried, including WUD when I tried to use it to check whether there were any problems with the update reported that I missed at the install time.
I never got as far as trying compatibility mode. What's the point if nothing works. The best compatibility mode was to restore IE7.