ie7 problems

I accidentelly installed internet explorer 7 again on my computer when it previoulsy came with the computer.

Now the browser is slow to load pages

Are these two things connected and if so, what do I do to fix it?
Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs. See if there is 2 instances of IE7 in there. If so remove 1 of them.
Hi jyzca, welcome to NST.

Your problem does not sound to be related to the second install, and a reinstall would have replaced the existing, so I doubt you'd find two copies in Add/Remove Programs either.

Quick question: are we talking about XP or Vista here? I'm 99% sure this is XP, but since it's in the Vista forum, I thought I'd double-check.

My advice would be to completely remove all instances of IE that you can, and reinstall from scratch.