IE7 Too secure?

i will not be voice any of my opinions of vista at this time i have a little been of a problem thouh...


okay, im currently enrolled in college, (going for computer science) i have recently need to e-sign some important documents using a DoE PIN, i have the pin, and i have been trying this for about three hours now the final site to which i need to send the data is:

first, the site to which my information is first accessed, is different from the site to fill in the info to sign the document, and then the site that is transferring the e-sign is different then the first two

if this problem wasnt so confusing already, the fun begins, the sites do not, that don't support FF or Opera, both very good browsers. it does however support IE 4.0, netscape 4.0, and AOL 5.0 this is very annoying. seeing as in the end, the site that transfers my PIN to the document to be signed finally, only supports encryption of the lower values . now heres why its taken me so long to find this place, i DL'd netscape, im primairly a FF user, so i didnt have it, i find out, that the lastest version, is not supported either, by the site. then i go on my search, for some way to lower IE7's encrytion, i didnt find much... (wonder why) i look up older versions of IE to see if they will work... nope nothing, and then im about to blow at my computer i find this place and read that IE 7 cant be removed from vista! OH GREAT! now this is the fun part, IE7 is too encrypted, my universities computers are all running on up to date software, nothign old, duu. and of course the best of all i still cant sign the document, now i could print it out and mail it, but low tech, no tech, i dont got a printer anyways lol.

i am here to see, if any of you, knowing better then me, have anything to maybe help me, or maybe i just have to go and find some lamo that doesnt know about software updates on my campus and finally do it

Post Script: the links are to the process i have gone through to only get blocked lol(which my Winamp through the images lol) (the page telling me the browser needs) (page where i input the data i need to have to doc to be signed) (the error page with EI7's encryption level) (sent back to input page, another IE7 encryption shown, with circles around levels required and the current level) (a link to explain "encryption" to the slow kind)

I thank yo all for your time,

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Have you gone into your internet options and put this site under the trusted sites? That should allow you to do this.

Just go Tools>Internet Options>Click on the Secuity Tab. In that tab click on the Trusted sites icon. From there click the sites button. If you are already on that site just add it to the list. If not jsut type it in. Since it is already https you dont have to worry about unchecking that box.

Just click okay and after that the site should have a small check mark in the lower right hand corner. AFter that you should be all set to virtually sign and send this info.


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Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies, Kahai. I'm sure we'll get to the bottom of this, don't worry! :smile:


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I can reach and fill in the form OK using Vista/IE7. I've always been given to understand that encryption is a "backwards compatible" entity. Is your Vista fully updated? Is your Java the latest...(not sure if that is relevant but it could be)? and uninstall the old one.
That error page you have there tells me that the information is incorrect - "What was entered at STAN does not match our records", nothing about encryption. The other page only stated minimum requirements. It also mentions that Javascript must be enabled so in IE7 Tools/Internet Options/Security (all zones) and Advanced tabs set everything to default.
If the worst comes to the worst there has to be someone close by that could print the whole thing out, surely?
I would also get on their case about maybe stepping into the 21st century, if after all this, their pages are only compatible with older encryption models. But as I said, I doubt that is the case.

Just found this on the M$ Vista NG's - not sure if it's relevant:
IE7 "Extended Validation Certificates":
"Warning message when a user tries to connect to a secure Web site by using
Internet Explorer 7: "There is a problem with this website's security

I may be misunderstanding what's happening but your post needs a bit of editing I think or something is missing.
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im sorry for any misunderstanding, reading my post again, it isnt my normal posting styles, i was annoying, tired and spacing on and off...


okay so i did what you guys told me, to add the sites to my trusted, ive never needed to do this on FF or on what ive IE for

however, we have another problem, it still didnt work: (with that check box checked, nothing) (without the check on the box, before trying) (without checked box, after trying)

i do hope that my documentation of this is helping, i always like to show what im trying to say.

also my info can not be incorrect, the PIN i needed to input, i had to reacquire from the DoE so i had to input the other needed info in that signing page to get my PIN, so its not my end thats wrong.

all of my software and hardware are up-to-date on everything, im running off my university gigabyte connection, i have a 100mb NIC aswell so theres not a problem with my software, and i have he latest java as well, i needed it for my java IDE, netbeans


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Are you sure your STAN info is correct? They are saying it isn't.

Isn't there a help line that you can call?
i am for sure that my info that is for STAN is correct, like i said i had to use that exact same info (besides the PIN) to get my PIN again

my SS3, my last two letter of my last name, mc, (ive tried MC, mc, Mc) and my birth date 06/23/1989 that the info, and im not going to give my PIN i can got to prison for telling someone that lol

the only help line is the original lender, and they cant do anything about this, the signing is done through a law firm, their sites the problem

i looked up the law firm, and they not much help either

i dont know, i thinkim just going to go to the library and print it out, the bigest problem with that is i will be sending all my information, everything that they need to know im me, through the mail.... e-signing is so much faster and secure

oh well idk what do to i got to go to my last for the day now ill be back later,,

thank you for you time, and thank you guys for trying to help


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Send it registered mail.

Maybe CG will have some ideas, sorry I don't.
Send it registered mail.

Maybe CG will have some ideas, sorry I don't.
is okay dont worry about it, i didnt go to the library yet, i wasnt feeling well after i had lunch after class lol

i will though wiat a little longer on this place, if not ill go some time soon

thank you anyways, of course, i was very well received, thank you again,


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Good luck Donald :wink: