IE8 problem in Win7

Firstly I want to say this forum has solved many issues I have had in the past. So as my firdt time posting I hope someone can help.

I have Win7 Pro x64 installed and all seems to be working perfectly, I n ormally use Firefox as my browser but needed to use IE the other day, when I click on the icon I get the busy icon for a few seconds then everything goes back to normal with no IE. I have tried IE (no add-ons) and get the samething. However I have no peoblem doing windows updates and the IE (64-bit) works fine. I hope someone could point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.
Have you gone into IE 64 Bit and under Tools>Internet Options>Advanced and used the Reset option they have there.

If that doesnt work you can always try the FixIt option available on this page here.
Thanks for the suggestions Mak, I have tried both and still no change. Are there any other ideas or am I looking at needing to do a reinstall ...:| please say I am missing something...LOL
"RESOLVED" IE8 problem in Win7

Again Mak 2.0 thank yo for the suggestions, I went back and tried them a couple of more times just to be sure but with no joy.

Not having done it before in Win 7, I tried the in place upgrade to repair the system. Much to my suprize it went very well and now I have my system running even better than when I built it.

I have to say that once again it convinces me that its the best version of windows I have used to date. I alsp would like to thank all here @ NeoSmart Tech., as this has been my best online resource for Windows maintenance.

Keep up the good work and I hope that I may have a solution or suggestion for someone in the future.:happy::happy:
I'm curious why you would want to use the 64-bit IE in Win 7? The default is 32-bit IE for a good reason, the majority of add-ons wont work on the 64-bit browser. It really is only a novelty at the moment. Both are listed in Start/All Programs.
I think the problem is a lot of resellers are selling the 64bit version of win 7 because the manufacturers seem to be pushing it. this should be checked out thoroughly before purchase. The typical sales question you will get from a typical reseller (no names) is what do you want 32bit or 64bit - customer says what is the difference, salesman says 64 bit runs faster! Bad answer, but as you know the majority of salesmen seem 12 year olds to me. M
A 64-bit system is theoretically more secure, but the 64-bit browser is only there 'for future use' really so use the 32bit one, take my advice.
Just as a point of interest, it was the 32-bit version that was not working properly and as a site I use very often only really looks proper, I needed to correct the issue. My primary browser of choice is actually Firefox it dose play nicely with the one site I needed access to, being restricted to my room as I am I just need things to work when needed.

I am sorry if that sounded rude, that was not my intention, please accept my apologies.


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In Place Upgrade

Just a quick side note confirming the value of the in place upgrade. I had a horrible problem where every time I installed a Windows Update my desktop would go black (other than a white mouse cursor). Tried everything and then finally did an in place upgrade. Fixed the problem and Windows ran great (Win 7 64bit)!

Didn't hurt a thing other than having to reinstall updates.