IE8 Questions...

Mak 2.0

Staff member
So as many of you know IE8 is going to be released with a new Standards mode. Which will take place of the current IE setup. The Standards mode will be the one compliant with Acid2 and possibly acid3 tests. Which test a browser for the web standards. So now let me ask some questions.

1) IE8 releasing in expected to release in “standards mode”.

(a) What do people in your communities space think about this decision?

(b) What do you predict the impact to be on the customer and/or Developer experience?

(c) Do you have a recommendations on how best to share this information?

2) Our current plan is to communicate this heavily with web site owners and developers. We will be contacting top sites directly, distributing developer FAQs, and writing Knowledge Base articles on authoring to these standards.

(a) Do you think that will be effective at improving the customer experience?

(b) Are there other suggestions do you could offer to transition web sites to be standards-based or to improve the experience for users?

3) Is there anything else you or those in your communities wish to tell us about this issue to improve how we react and respond as Internet Explorer advances to release?

This is some information that Microsoft would like to know from you folks. As you are the people using it. So give some feedback and i will send it in.