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Does anyone know how to make IE9 open clicked links in a new tab ?
Both Maxthon and Opera can be tailored to user requirements in their tab options, but
IE9 > Internet Options > Tabs
doesn't do what I want no matter what combination of ticking and unticking boxes I try.
If I click an embedded link or a shortcut from the favourites bar, I want a new tab to open. IE9 just keeps overwriting the current tab, which hardly qualifies it as a tabbed browser at all.
You could try ctrl+click

I don't know, I hate IE 7/8/9 - it's just so slow (not browsing but as an application). For me Chrome, does the trick these days.
I've discovered that center-click opens a new tab and right-click gives a choice dialogue, but I want to be able to customize each of those.
I have Opera set to click = open new tab and go to it, center-click = open new tab but don't change focus.
Opera can be customized to just about anything you want to do, but with IE9 you just seem to have to do it MS's way.
Looks like I'll be sticking with my ancient Maxthon 1 and portable Opera for a while yet.
IE9 has some nice Chrome-style architecture features but lacks basic user customization, and I tend to steer clear of all things Google.
I don't like their corporate attitude to user privacy. They're far too interested in compiling a commercially useful history on their users' search, browse and buying habits for my civil-liberties taste.
Then you might be interested in one of these two instead:

Chromium: Chrome is Chromium + Google. Chromium is a non-profit, non-political, non-everything plain-vanilla browser that Google develops, then adds all the Google goodies on top and brands it as Chrome.

Chromium does not send your data to Google, does not feature Google integration, and does not contain features that rely on Google (such as bookmark and password sync).

Chromium: Chromium - The Chromium Projects

and then there's Iron.

Iron is Chromium (so no Google) + a tinfoil hat. Never used it myself, but I hear lots of good things.

Iron: SRWare Iron - The Browser of the Future

Having used Chrome, it is now my default on Windows, Linux, and Mac; at home and at work. I cannot get past how sloooooow the other browsers are in comparison when it comes to launching new windows, opening tabs, switching between fields, using the keyboard and no mouse (try that on IE, if you press ctrl+t to open a new tab then start typing immediately for the address bar, you'll find that you'll overwrite what you wrote four or five times before it takes!).


Figured I can't recommend a browser I haven't tried for myself - downloading Iron now. Beware, the download server seems to be really slow!


Oh, and incidentally, this discussion comes right on the heels of a new logo for Chrome.

We were the first to break this news here (w/ hi-def logo): Google's Chrome Gets a New Logo The NeoSmart Files

Logo preview:
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Chrome or Firefox. I'd recommend Chrome, but you appear to have a preference for Opera. Thats cool. The great thing about browsers like Opera/FF/Chrome as you already know anything they can't do can usually be corrected with an extension. I didn't like that Chrome never auto-focuses a new tab for example... a quick search for an extension and its fixed. Whatever browser you use, don't use IE or Safari for everyday stuff and you should be fine.
I'm afraid my Maxthon 1 days may be over. It's "not responding" more and more frequently.
There's obviously something in modern website coding it can't cope with. (CG - genie soft was just one of many, no problems in other browsers)
IE9 is no substitute. It can't even cope with a drag and drop from my daily sudoku site into my Sudoku software, something which every other browser allows.
I'm currently trialling Iron as my daily browser, but it's a bit short on custom features, and I'm tempted just to switch to Opera 100%, but I'll give it a bit longer, and some more research.
Interestingly, Iron's internal "task manager" shows Opera to be a leaner and more efficient resource user than itself.
Terry isn't this what you were looking for? Tools/internet Options/General > Tabs > Settings


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No peter, that's already set.
It's facilities like those provided in Opera>Preferences>Advanced>Tabs>additional and .......>advanced>tools>middle click options, which allow you some control over how and where a tab opens, whether to switch focus or not, which are missing from the others.
Best of all, of course, is Maxthon which allows you to specify exactly what happens for every conceivable circumstance.
Nothing else seems to differentiate between clicks within a page, clicks on the links bar etc, the way good ol' Max does.
I think I'm going to end up using Maxthon 2.
I tried it some time ago, but didn't like it as much as 1, so kept with the legacy version.
Hope they've improved it to be as good as its dad.


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Pretty impressive, Terry. They even have an Android version out (though I don't own an Android myself).
Well i sideloaded it onto my Atrix and while it looks good and runs great, the fact that it keeps kicking itself back on even after forcing it to shut down is a major no no. Being a smart phone there isnt to many options to extend battery life. So you have to keep an eye on programs that decide to kick themselves back on even after you shut them down. This is one of them. I even removed the RSS feeds, which was the first reason it kicked itself back on. Even after doing so, it still turned itself back on. Checked all the options and nada there to keep it off. So i had to remove it.

I will see about loading it onto the Archos 70 Tablet that i have or the Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi version that i am getting monday to see if it works better on there. But till then it is a good browser but has some things that they need to work on for the Android aspect before it becomes useful. Plus getting it onto the Market would be wise. Not everyone has the ability to load 3rd party apps on their device. If they dont know how to sideload, then they cant use it at all. AT&T is notorious for this.

As for the Windows version, good but not great. The scroll speed is to slow for me. I have been using Chromium almost full time and downloading the new builds at least 3 times a day.