IIS 6 and Tomcat 5.5


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Hello all.

I'm running IIS 6 on a Windows 2003 box along with Apache Tomcat 5.5. Tomcat is simply acting as a servlet container with IIS fronting it and connecting via an ISAPI filter. There are actually two websites setup in IIS and two IP's assigned to the NIC. One site runs on one IP and the other site on another (a load balancer receives the external requests and handles forwarding requests to the proper IP). This setup works magnificently on our other Windows 2000 boxes with IIS 5 but I have run into a problem with IIS 6 on Windows 2003.

The first site works perfectly. I can load the application and certificate, login, etc. When attempting to load the second site, however, I am given the message "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage." Obviously a separate and distinct message from the old "page not found." The interesting thing is, if I restart IIS and load the second website first, it will load fine and then the second will fail to load. I have attempted bypassing IIS entirely and connecting directly to Tomcat on port 8080 for both IP's and that worked fine as well so it appears to be an issue with IIS.
Any ideas that you all my have would be greatly appreciated.