I'm buying Vista Ultimate


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I spotted just about the only full retail, non-OEM, non-upgrade version on eBay so am going for it.

Question, there will be no difference installing it on my 2nd (internal) HD rather than on a partition on the 1st one will there? EasyBCD will work just the same I assume.

Right now I have RC2 installed on partition 3 of drive 0. The new full version will be on partition 1 of drive 1.

Also curious to know, with these easy boot loaders does it matter any more what order different OS's are installed? It used to be that you had to have them always in ascending order... '95, '98, XP, Vista etc.
Yep. EasyBCD is about compatibility and power, no worries there.

As far as OS install order goes, you can install in any order you want, but you'll have to take steps to get things working right if it's not done in oldest to newest form..

Should you install in any other order, you'll have to use a boot repair utility (and if you're using Vista in there somewhere it's as simple as pressing a button in EasyBCD from Windows XP, 2k, NT, 2k3, LH, or Vista to get it working again).

Good luck!

(BTW, nothing wrong with a healthy OEM copy of Vista. MS has actually said they'd be supporting it more than they did with OEM XP and others)
As always thanks for the help. They will in fact be in ascending order anyway...I'm keeping my XP's as I want to see what SP3 is all about...whenever.

I want a non-OEM version to make it easier to transfer to another machine if necessary, whenever I replace this one.

I've had it 6 years but it's still ahead of the game except for a Core 2 Duo processor which I would like. I've replaced just about everything with the latest and greatest. Add much more and it'll explode I swear!!
Sounds like my PC. Replaced everything except the CPU and Mobo by now. Will do that later. Espically since Vista runs like butter on a stove for me. Just need that 8800 GTX now...

Good luck with the auction. I got Home Premium and i love it. Saved a couple hundred bucks as well. I dont really miss anything that Ultimate had when i was testing it. I know that once the Ultimate Extras start to hit i will miss it.

Till then Home Prem is fine.
Naw, I don't think you will, even then.

There's nothing that Vista Ultimate will bring that you either can get separately (maybe even free) from other companies/providers, or would never really need.

For me, Ultimate is the choice because I don't have a TV and I'm on a domain: MCE + Domain = Ultimate.
I will get Ultimate at some point. Right now it isnt that big of a miss. The MC is here. I hooked up to my domain and network easily. So for me Ultimate is nice but just a overkill.

Ultimate is like that candy you want but cant have at this point. I will save all year and get it before XMas but i got Vista for now and that is all that matters. :grinning:
Computer Guru said:
(and if you go OEM you save crazy style...)
A lot of people think they can buy the OEM version to use to upgrade XP.....they can't go that route I hate to tell them.
It never struck me before, but I guess that's true, there is no way an OEM would have to actually upgrade a PC...
But with the full version of Windows Vista you can ugrade too, so I really didn't know.

Mak, I wouldn't have bought Ultimate if I didn't get 3 licenses free from MS - quite honestly, I would have stuck to Vista Home & Windows XP for the domains until SP1.
Well I bought it. Got a bonus too, this one has both the 32 and 64-bit DVDs. (The seller won it at one of MSFT's promos).

The original one I was bidding on was withdrawn by eBay..something about the seller breaking some rule or other..!

Then I came across another one which had "Buy it now", and I did, for much less than what I would have paid for the withdrawn one.

Now the only trouble is, I've also put in my maximum bid for another one....ah well, I can always sell it on eBay I suppose...LOL :grinning:
No it doesn't but it does offer more possibilities if and when I decide to buy a new 'puter.

By the way, I just added a whole bunch more to the above post, I think after you had replied.
Ah, yes you did.

Yeah, that's what I hate about eBay, it's difficult to participate in multiple simultaneous bids if you only want one of the item...

Let's just hope someone bids higher :smile:

You actually got quite lucky there you know, I'm certain x64 will became the platform of choice in the future, but when?? So long as people like ATi and Creative and nVidia are too busy counting their money and making new products to produce decent x86 drivers, when will anyone switch to x64 and not regret it?
That's the trouble with x64...it's like Betamax Video Recorders...hasn't quite caught on with many manufacturers.

Here's a link to my eBay item: Windows Vista Ultimate

I've saved approximately $100 over what I would have paid retail.
Well I use x64 at work, and it's decent since it's straight-forward programming job. But for a home-pc, I don't think I'd ever be able to use it.

That and the fact that laptops *still* are 99.9999% x86 aren't really promising.
eBay will probably shoot me at dawn but I retracted my bid on the other one. I have a good reason actually. The seller changed the listing from Canadian $ to US $ and my maximum bid became the same amount but in US $ and therefore was much higher all of a sudden.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed they don't suspend me for doing it.
I'd bid a max of CDN $400 which at that time was around US$310. All of a sudden it became US $400.
Yeah, that's true. It shouldn't matter what currency the listing is in, it's the value of your max bid that matters, not the amount....

eBay is totally messed up!