Imgburn Sounds Not Working in Windows Vista


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I installed Imgburn on a Vista Business 32bit computer.
However, the usual sounds that come at the end of a successful burn or when there is an error do not come up.
If I go to imgburn/settings/sounds/ and press play the sounds dont play.
However if I go to C:\Program Files\ImgBurn\Sounds\ and access the sound files i can listen to them.:tongueout:oint:
I uninstalled and reinstalled it but to no avail.
Does anyone know what this could be from?
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^ hey nope sorry

ImgBurn, i havent heard of that program

does it just burn ISO's?


"ImgBurn carries on from where DVD Decrypter left off! (Well, for the burning part anyway!) ImgBurn can write most types of CD / DVD images and it ..."

i have used DVD decryptor, i loved it lol

sounds like a good program

but idk about the sound issue sorry ronin

as for ripping ISO's the simple ISO recorder is easy to use lol
ISO Recorder v 2

and as always it is free ^_^
Have you tried selecting a different sound file in the ImgBurn settings? If you select a different file from there does it play?

If so, you should be able to go back to the original file, and get that to play too...
I tried selecting a different sound file and i think before i uninstalled it and reinstalled it that worked.
However, now it doesnt seem to work with any files.
I tried redownloading it and reinstalling it however still the same problem
Could it be somethign with the Business Edition? I knwo the sounds work jsut fine on my Basic, Home Premium and my Ultimate installs. I have not tried Business Edition before so i was thinking that since this is to be used in a Office setting if they disabled applicaitons sounds that might interfere with daily activities.

Just food for thought.
Sounds like a stretch though - I know in my programs I code in whatever I need; if I needed sound I wouldn't rely on an existing API or anything, esp. because it's just a tiny bit of code to add.....

But you could be right.
It is jsut a thought since it is Business Edition. I mean if i was in a work place last thing i would want would be someone to have sounds going off every few seconds. But i really doubt they did that. It was just a outside the box tought.