I have downloaded the Vista Recovery Disk and tried to click onto the ImgBurn link. I got the Windows cannot display error page. I even tried to go to the website but get the same error page. How can I burn the CD?
ok. I downloaded alcohol and got to the "Welcome to the Image Recording Wizard" and then I selected the Vista Recovery Disc. When I clicked "Open" I got the error message Unrecognised file format for recording. Please insert a recognised image for recording."
You still have the ISO right? You didnt do anything to that file you downloaded via torrent from the site did you?
So it doesnt recognize a ISO file? That is strange. Do you have Nero? Nero can burn ISO files.
Did you open the torrent using Utorrent or another application??
Whats the file name of the file you downloaded does it end in .torrent or .iso??
Gosh! Reading is truly fundamental. I downloaded UTorrent, followed the install instructions, tried ImaBurn again this morning, and it was available, and I now have a Boot Disk. Thank you so much!!!!
Just an idea for the Wiki's. You may want to add that you have to go to the write mode in Imgburn or USe the write image to cd in the new EZ-mode picker.

Just a thought.:smile:
Yeah because of the new version. Plus from the beginning it doesnt say to go to write mode, which may be confusing to some folks. Just an idea:smile:
Well sorry but if you are trying to burn a disc i think it would be common knowledge to use write mode. :wink:

Updated with the new selection menu option.
Not a problem Mahmoud. If anyone else sees anything on any of the wiki pages that needs to be updated just let me know. :wink: