improve easyBCD BIOS extender


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I m using easyBCD for some time,it s usefull.Anyway ,YOU know ,there are many laptops like mine,DELL 1520 Inspiron that hasn t a very comprehensive BIOS boot menu,meaning that laptop cann t boot from SD card or cann t choose USB boot device,although it has 4 USB 2.0 slots and SD card slot too.So,if I have a 2 volumed USB flash(maxell 4Gb) stick,first volume primary active"L" one Mb ,and secondary volume primary active "M" 3,79 Gb ,when I try booting from USB stick , computer goes automaticly to "L" and will not find boot sectors .
What to do ??
Can YOU improve easyBCD BIOS extender ???? to make these BIOS extender options work ?
Are you referring to the fact that the EasyBCD BIOS Extender doesn't give you the option of choosing which USB drive to boot from if you have more than one plugged in?
I think this is more of a reference to the fact that the USB Device in question has 2 "partitions" on it. The first one has no boot data while the 2nd one does but there is no option to choose that 2nd partition on that USB Device.