In Market For New Monitor - Opinions?


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I only connected my LG through analogue when I was having trouble getting the ATi graphics installed on XP, because there was no VGA support through DVI, and as soon as I'd got that sorted I went straight back to DVI, without even bothering to customize the screen first.
Hence I have no basis for comparison between them as regards quality. I just assumed the more up-to-date interface would provide the best performance. (no conversion software/hardware needed between OS and screen)
I'm quite surprised you find the analogue appearance better. Is it perhaps that DVI is more crisp and shows the pixelation of the fonts more ? Is the analogue providing a font smoothing effect that you find more visually pleasing? What about a sharpness test pattern, how does that compare ?


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Terry I haven't the faintest idea what the difference is....maybe I'm imagining it. As far as sharpness goes, it's weird, there is a sharpness control in the monitor's own controls, but apart from when I initially looked at it and fiddled with it, the choice is now grayed out (in both DVI and D-Sub), however, the sharpness control in the nVidia card's Control Panel does seem to work.
Mind you I think a sharpness control is irrelevant when using an LCD display at high resolution.


P.S. If by VGA support you mean as in Safe Mode, yes I noticed that I can only now get the very lowest resolution in Safe Mode whereas before my video card allowed me to use at 1280 X 1024 in Safe Mode (believe it or not), which was my old monitor's optimum resolution.

I'm back to DVI now which cancels out automatic image control but I think that is irrelevant when using DVI anyway.
At least now I could connect my HD upscaling DVD player as it has a VGA output......whoopee, like I am likely to be using it to watch a DVD rather than my DVD drives....waste of wiring!!
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I've just discovered another feature that bugs me. It doesn't happen with every website, only this one so far.

Certain characters display with red bleed so they appear brown and bolder , examples are l, I, 1 and T for starters.

I never had this problem with my previous monitor.

Googling red bleed on LCD monitors turned up some rather ancient articles indicating that this should not be happening nowadays with the advent of Cleartype (which I use) and got into rather over-technical terms (anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering etc. etc.) which are mostly beyond me.

Addendum (added myself)

I discovered that lowering the Sharpness control in NvIdia's CP helped. I guess every LCD monitor has it's own foibles and quirks.
I seem to be talking to myself here, but if it benefits someone, then all well and good.
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