In trouble again already! "favicons" IE8 XP


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HI Guys,
Just lost battery power on my lappy (XP) was browsing in IE8 and got critical alarm (First warning 1% !)
Wasn't quick enough with the AC lead and it crashed out.
Did a normal re-boot and IE8 offered to restore my session.
Gmail and Ymail both displayed with the "Image Shack" frog favicon!
Somehow managed to return Gmail to normal, but the damn frog is still looking at me from the Ymail tab :openmouth:)
I've been trying to find some way to clear the cache, in case that will fix it but can't find a way.
Is there some special magic?
Hi Terry,
Thanks for directing me, I thought that would flush it out but it hasn't.
Maybe I need to untick the top item, or will that result in total amnesia! lol


Tried unticking "preserve favorite web site whatever" and it's not squished the frog!
Messed up all my log in details thought!
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Umm... refresh the page or restart IE? If you're looking in internet options under "Browsing History" IE8 also provides a new feature "Delete Browsing History on Exit" so anytime you close up all IE windows it should clear your browsing history automatically.
Just an update, I didn't after all loose my log in cookies in vain, opening another instance of IE and the frog had hopped it!
Thanks again.
I've no idea how to avoid the sudden loss of power when on battery, I've never had one before, and though I'd set the Low Batt. and critical alarms to 10% and 5%, the meter went from 54% to 1% in seconds and the only alarm I got was the critical one and it simultaneously shut down!
Is this more likely to be a Power Meter short comming than a battery malfunction?
I ask because this is a new battery bought from China, the first one was no good and was replaced without question and I'm trying to "condition" it by fully charging and discharging it several times which I understand is necessary to get optimum performance from it.
Nothing seems to have improved yet, I've had a constant 90mins approx. from each charge, which might not be too bad considering I'm using my wireless PCIMA card and the processor is a Celeron 2Ghz desktop chip.
I don't anticipate using the battery more than 3/4 weeks a year, so have been advised, once conditioned, to store it 40% charged in a plastc bag in the fridge!
Does that sound wacky :openmouth:) ?