Inclomplete recovery cd?


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I've downloaded and burned the 32bit windows vista recovery cd yesterday and have been trying to repair my laptop with it since.
When following the guide over at the wiki i notice that the options i see at the second step in the wiki never appear when i use it. It instantly starts with Startup Repair, without allowing me to try other functions (such as the Command Prompt). And as startup repair doesnt help me out at all, i really want to try the third step.

I also cant find the bootrec.exe and bootsect.exe on the cd either.

So... what do i do now?

Cheers, Soul79


Well.. time fixes everything, while i was typing the previous post, Startup repair completed trying to do its thing for the fourth time and finally gave up saying something about not being able to repair the problem. After allowing it to send info to microsoft the screen with command prompt etc appeared.

Now all i need to do is find that bootrec file somewhere, right? (i've found the other one).
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bootrec should be in the default path.
You should be able to type "bootrec.exe /?" and see a list of options.