Inconsitent boot menu

I'm created a new boot menu from scratch and there seems to be a mismatch ...

I've attached a couple of images which show the problem.


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Why do you have 2 "Windows 7 Repair" entries pointed at NeoGrub?
And you're probably looking at two different BCDs.

Can you describe the steps you did leading up to this problem?
What you see in 2 is supposed to be generated by the contents of 1. So while I could fathom a scenario where 1 is correct and 2 is incorrect, I really don't see how this happened.

How did you create these entries? Did you first reset the BCD? Did you ask EasyBCD to create a bootable USB?
OK, I thought it was easy to repro ... it seems to be related to adding and then deleting entries.

Try this

1) Format USB
2) Copy two iso files
3) Launch EasyBCD and load BCD onto USB
4) Create an entry for each iso
5) Confirm entries
6) Delete both entries (this is what causes the problems)
7) Add entries for both iso again
8) check entries (I see THREE entries)

I know its not quite the same as the original problem but it's related I think because of step 6