Independent disk images (Win8-64, Win7-32) can I make Win8-64 dual boot ?

I have been battling with trying to get my Win8-64 to provide a dual boot option to start Win7-32 or proceed with Win8-64. The OS's were installed with other drives unplugged so they had no idea other drives could be present, as such they are totally independent drives.

I have hunted high and low for a boot.ini to make an entry. I finally found a webpage that suggested the boot.ini does not exist and that its complicated with Win8. The recommendation of the site was to use EasyBCDEdit.

However, I am bored of installing software that either does not do what it suggests it does or does not work with 64-bit Windows 8.

Can you confirm that I can install and run EasyBCD on my Win8-64 image and then configure the Win8-64 boot loader to ask the user if they want to boot the other drive which is Win7-32?


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The boot.ini file has not been present or used since the XP Days. With Windows Vista they switched to the use of the BCD.

If you cant read the topics on the site and see for yourself that the software does what it claims, that is not on us to try and reassure your feelings. There is more than enough proof across the internet to show that EasyBCD does exactly what it says it does when it comes to multi-booting various OS's. So if you want an easy way to do what you want, you will try the software. If you want the hard way to do it you will find out about the bcd.exe option and what it takes to modify that.

Announcing EasyBCD 2.2: Windows 8 dual-booting and more! | The NeoSmart Files
EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies
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I am sure with glowing recommendations from C|Net, PC Mag, PC World, Softpedia, ninemsn and more that we can easily confirm our software does what it advertises.
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