Initial Vista Boot Toshiba M 500


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I am in Indonesia and just bought a Toshiba M500, during the initial boot I had an earthquake to deal with. I hit the cancel button and left the building. When I got back to my computer I thought I could just re-start the process, however the screen tells me to insert the recovery disk, I didn’t get one with the computer. I am currently vista 64 bit recovery disk download from Neosmart. I don’t have the ability to create a disk but I can make a flash / usb copy of this file. I note that in the M500 boot options there is a usb boot option, my questions are: is this going to work, also is the M500 32 or 64 bit, yes I am a dummy any help greatly appreciated.
You'll need to contact Toshiba. Our disc can only be used to recover a non-booting copy of Windows and not for installations/factory resets.