"Input not supported"-message during EasyBCD-boot

Hello, I've just made a dualboot-system with Windows 7 and Windows XP. Timeout-time is set to 6 seconds. When the computer starts, my monitor shows the message "Input not supported" on a black background. After (about) 6 seconds Windows 7 will start. Or, during this 6 seconds, I can hit a cursorkey once, to start Windows XP. So EasyBCD works correct, but the startscreen stays hidden, in stead of showing the choice between Windows 7 and Windows XP. I've tried "Standard VGA" and "Normal" in Advanced Settings, without success. My monitor has a default resolution of 1024 x 768. Any idea how to get the EasyBCD-menu at startup ? Thanks, Willem


Mostly Harmless
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Hi Will,

This isn't anything to do with EasyBCD. I had this same experience with an old setup of mine. Try connecting the monitor via VGA instead of DVI - basically, it is taking too long to digitally negotiate the resolution at BIOS POST.
Hello CG, Thanks for the reply. (I couldn't read it before). Yes, I was afraid allready it's not an EasyBCD-question, but a monitor-problem. Now I'm sure. It's about a VGA-monitor (no DVI) and I'll try to find another solution. Bye, Willem


Problem solved. I've changed some BIOS-settings for the graphics card and now the boot-menu is shown. Indeed: nothing to do with EasyBCD. Thanks for the tip.