Input signal out of range

Trying to use the Windows 7 recovery disk, but after it goes through some Linux upon boot, it says "Input Signal Out of Range" and "Change Settings to 1600x900 - 60hz". Is there any way to make a change during this process? I can't boot Windows at all, even in safe mode, so this may be my only hope.
I am receiving basically the same problem with a none booting Vista on a Dell machine using the on board video. I go through the Linux upon boot, the screen goes blank with a message "Input Signal Out of Range" and something about a default setting of video resolution. I just purchase the Easy RE Vista solution and do not know what to expect. Should I have a setup screen to set the video resolution?
Getting the same thing here - on a (dead) Vista system.
Tried a small monitor - says "Signal over range". Too small?
Tried a large monitor, says "Set to 1920x1200" - Too big?

What do we do now?
Edit - just tried a medium monitor - same thing!
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Just to round this off: I emailed support at and told them what motherboard/graphics I was using, and they sent me a new version of the .iso disk image - which works! Many thanks indeed for the swift response.

Running Startup Repair successfully now............