Install EasyBCD on dead system?


I have a machine that was running Win 7 64 on a RAID 0 array until some sort of update borked things. I can't boot Win 7 without going directly to a 7b blue screen. I have been trying many different things to recover. Let's not go there. The Intel RAID bios makes a reserved space that seems to contain the boot information/applications. I have found no explanation of how this works in my searching.

Is there any way to correctly install EasyBCD on that RAID array? Is there a standalone boot process I can use to install it? What if I added a drive and installed XP on that drive. Can I then install EasyBCD into the reserved area and use it for booting into both XP and Win 7 if I can ever figure out how to recover my Win 7 system. Any ideas on that recovery would also be useful. Manually rebuilding the boot pieces did not help.
EasyBCD isn't the bootloader. It's an app for configuring the bootloader. You can install it like any Windows app, only from a working OS, though it's portable so can reside anywhere accessible to the OS.
Thanks, I understand that. My question is can it be installed and run from a standalone boot like Bart, UCB4win or something like that and be able to do what it needs to do.

A key point, in any case, is will EasyBCD properly deal with that reserved space created by the Intel RAID firmware/software?
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