Install module driver stopped working (1628 error)

Have been trying to install Microsoft FSX into Windows 7 but get this repeated error message. Have deleted Temp files stopped my antivirus and firewall but to no avail. Anybody have a solution for this problem?
Hi mikethemadmonk
I checked with the Windows 7 Compatibility Center ( ) and found that the version called Flight Simulator X Deluxe isn’t yet supported. I’m not sure if this is the version you have, but this information may pertain to your situation.
Hope this helps
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Thanks Geoff, welcome to NST
Interesting to know that MS are looking over our shoulders.
Is this a product of the MSNbot spider ?


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I don't know about this particular case, but most times when MS or Google representatives drop by NST it's due to RSS aggregation or a Google Groups/Blog search with certain keywords :smile:

Anyway, thanks for your input, Geoff!

Hey madthemadmonk
My name is David Cockson. Daves Son. Just wondered if you ever check these forums you could send me an email on metric_1983 at hotmail dot com. Cheers mate.
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Hi metric.
Click on his name and then "send PM". He'll be contacted by email directly.
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