Install Ubuntu inside XP.

I would like to install Ubuntu inside XP,I know this is possible because i researched there website,this would run like a regular program within XP.At present time
i have W7 and XP using Easy BCD for dualbooting which does a great job if i install Ubuntu inside XP, would it change how i boot up now. Thank You.


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No change to the boot menu
Wubi runs as an XP app, just like any other program.
If you want a boot menu item, you'll need to install Linux in its own partition.
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Thank you ,for the quick reply,that is what i wanted to know ,makes life easier i can install
and if i do not like it i can uninstall it .Thanks again Terry.


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Wubi comes by default with Ubuntu, just use the wizard that pops up when you insert the Ubuntu CD while booted into Windows.
Thank You works great,to get to Ubuntu i have to go to XP , but when i first boot up my computer
it has three boot entries W7,XP,Ubuntu which is kind of strange because Ubuntu was never a
BCD entrie ,when i hit Ubuntu in this menu it says to insert disc for startup and repair,not a problem because i can still get Ubuntu from XP. no big deal but why.


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You can use EasyBCD to remove the superflous Ubuntu entry.