Install Windows 7 after Ubuntu 10.04


I have a problem install Windows 7 on a computer that only has Ubuntu 10.04, I have windows 7 on a bootable USB and when trying to install it on the computer I always get a BCD error before the installation can even start saying it can't read it or something along those lines.
I'm not very good at Linux OS' so does anyone know how I can remove Ubuntu and install Win 7 with my bootable USB?

And yes I can access Easy BCD through another computer with Vista on it.
If you want to get rid of Ubuntu boot from a LiveCD and completely wipe out the drive: System > Administration > Partition Editor. You should backup any important data before you do this. Then, assuming your Windows installation USB stick was prepared properly, you should be able to boot withit to install Windows.
Have you booted Ubuntu from the CD in "Run without changing your system" mode ?
Hm.. I used wubi from a USB to install Ubuntu
And I used GParted to create a new partition table, and made a new partition 'so now I only have one partition with 186 GB
Then I turned off my computer and when I turn it on, there is only a blank screen with a blinking " _".
Did I mess up? Or can I finally put windows back through my USB?

***** EDIT *****
It blinks " _" whether I'm booting to the empty? partition or I'm booting into the Windows 7 USB


After trying countless other solutions I gave up :smile:
I used a windows 7 cd and everything fine now :smile:
Thanks to all the people who replied and those who saw the thread and started thinking up solutions :smile:
You can close it now
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