Install Windows 7's bootloader in a Windows XP system

Hi, all.. I just found some usefull EasyBCD trick here that said what if Windows 7 BOOTMGR used/installed in XP system without having to install the whole Windows 7 first. He pointed that other LiveCD can be used to prevent XP system still be boot-ed after replacing BOOTMGR components in XP boot-drive...

I qouted his post:

...Hi guys I decided to write down a little tutorial on how to install Windows 7's bootloader (bootmgr) in a computer with only Windows XP installed.
But why are you writing such a tutorial? you may ask. Then I'll answer with another question. Are you able to make a multiboot system that loads a lot of useful OS such as Puppy Linux, LiveXP, PloP boot manager (a useful tool that allow you to boot your computer from other devices such as USB stick on old computer that can't boot from that device) and all things? Well with bootmgr YOU CAN thanks a little tool called EasyBCD. Unfortunately you can use this software only if bootmgr is installed and that requires you to install Win7 or Vista. How can you use this bootloader without having to install the whole windows 7? It's easy! Follow this steps

1. Download and install NetFramework (it should be required by EasyBCD in order to work)
2. Download my package here
3. Run the package and extract it on your boot drive (it is pointed to extract it into the %systemdrive% folder)
4. Install EasyBCD (the installer will start after the extraction is finished)

Now we have a bootmgr installed but NOT CONFIGURED (without entries in his registry) so follow my steps to configure it

1. To make sure that your system will reboot correctly the next boot download MobaLiveCD
2. Now start EasyBCD
3. Click on Add Boot Entry

Now let's look in the Operating system's entry

4. Choose the type of your operating system (NT/2k/XP/2k3)
5. Name it whatever you want (Microsoft Windows XP)
5. Make sure that Automatically detect correct drive is checked (it will detect Windows XP's bootloader automatically)
6. Click on Add Entry and look at the status bar: a message that says that your entry was added to the bootmgr configuration should appear

Now do this for make sure that your system will boot up next time

1. Click in the BCD Deployment button
2. Look in the MBR Configuration section
3. Check Install the Windows Vista/7 bootloader to the MBR
4. Click on Write MBR
5. Reboot or Start MobaLiveCD (I suggest you to start MobaLiveCD)
6. Click on Start LiveUSB
7. Select c: [your disk label] and click OK
8. Choose NO when it asks if you want to create a Virtual HD

Is your system booting up? (does it show the white bar that shows you the loading process of XP?) than it works!

Now Let's Install the Plop Boot Manager (optional but usefoul and if you don't like it you can always remove it)

1. Open EasyBCD
2. Click on Add Boot Entry
3. Look in the Portable/External Media section
4. Choose BIOS Extender and Click on Install PLoP

As you can see you can boot from VHD files, Install Grub (Usefoul for that tutorial of the Universal VHD), run floppy images, ISOs, etc

Do you like your new bootloader?

other useful tricks can be found on EasyBCD's wiki (here)


If you booted your Hardisk Using MobaLiveCD and it's not working and you want to restore WinXP bootloader follow this steps:

1.Run EasyBCD
2.Click on BCD Deployment
3.Look in the MBR Configuration options section
4.Check Install the Windows XP Bootloader to MBR
5.Click to Write MBR

Look if your WinXP is working fine now

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