Install XP after Vista but on second drive

Guides I have found refer to Partioned drives. I want to install XP on drive D:
Does the XP Home installer allow me to bypass any partioning and point to my second drive as the location for XP?
I have Vista Home premium pre-installed on C: No Vista install DVD.
I don't think my XP Home DVD includes SP2. I seem to remember upgrading after installation. Any problems with this?
Apologise if this has beeen covered before, but I couldn't find it.

Incidently I tried using EasyBCD to point to my old drive and connected my old drive (with XP) using a USB caddy. Would not boot. Played around with BIOS [Removable] order, etc. Read somewhere that XP will not boot from external drive.
Given up on this.
Hello Mike and Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Yes the XP installer allows you to choose you install drive and or partition.

Installing Windows XP - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

The guide there will give you directions on how to install XP. There are screen shots as well. But when you get to the install selection screen you will see you drive setup. Vista on the first drive and a n2d drive that you will use for XP.

There should not be any issue with the XP disc. You can always upgrade again after you install it. There is a nice section here as well on how to go about this process.

Installing XP After Vista - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

It isn't that XP wont boot from a External but your boot.ini file was not adjusted to allow for it to boot from the External. It most likely was pointed at the XP drive being the first drive and XP being on the first partition on that drive which is what Vista is at now. So booting from the External would fail every time till you adjusted the boot.ini to accommodate the new boot location.

Well there is all the information you need on how to accomplish your goal. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.
Many Thanks Makaveli213
Dual boot now working Vista on C: and XP on D: but not entirely to plan.
Before installing XP I downloaded .NET 2.0 and EasyBCD as the instructions said I would need them.
Installed XP on D: but when I tried to run .NET 2.0 I got the message Not Valid Win32.
When I tried running EasyBCD I got a critical memory error.
The only way forward was to use my Vista Recovery DVD to restart windows (Vista).
I then used EasyBCD in Vista to set up dual boot. That worked.