Install XP as duel with Vista home



I have Dell Inspiron Laptop E1405/640M with Vista Home (32bit) & SATA HD. How can I install Win XP (SP2) as duel OS? Please guide me!

I following solution to create partition. I boot machine with XP (SP2) CD and it started process on command prompt. After finishing its says "Starting Windows" (maybe not exactly), it shows long error message with numbers. Message also include reference of "pci.sys"

I read somewhere, you can't install XP on SATA HD. Is true?

Plz guide. I want to be free from Vista
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The guides for seeing a working dual boot are good to follow closely for seeing things work out. Pay specific attention to the guide seen at

For the pci.sys error I ended reinstalling XP to see that corrected awhile back. The manual effort to see the file expanded from the I386 folder on a full installation not recovery disk didn't get anywhere then. That was when first trying to get XP on a second primary here.
HD contains two partitions. When I followed steps (; press F6 for SCSI driver). Afterwards it asked me configuration for additional drives. I don't have SCSI driver compatible for Xp (no floppy drive as well). In configuration I tried both options provided but didn't work. When I press Enter key (as one option), I got same error as mentioned in my query (pci.sys)

I look at dell website for compatiable drivers for XP but I didn't find anything.

Plz help me!
Well then you will have to find the drivers needed and slipstream them into your install. They should be on the Dell website. They would be under the Network and motherboard driver section.
SATA drivers may be found at the site of your motherboard's chipset maker. Usually this is Intel.
how to specify path for SATA drivers while installation?

How can I disable SATA option in BIOS?

I'm not able to proceed further, plz help
You download them to a floppy disk before installing. During setup (when it's loading the files) you'll be asked to press F6 to select the SATA drivers.
Then you need to use something like nLite to slipstream the drivers (once you get them) into the XP cd.