Installed MBR and BCD, still not bootable?

Hi guys,

I used the guide here to make my drive bootable: Changing the Boot Partition

I have a 256 GB Transcend MTS600 SSD which I want to boot from. I currently have the SSD in an enclosure because I was transferring data from my HDD to the SSD via the USB enclosure before I take my HDD out and put in the SSD. I want to make sure the drive is actually bootable though, so I'm just trying to boot off the SSD in the enclosure. After following these instructions, it is still not bootable. The drive is formatted as MBR and is Primary (since BG doesn't support GPT at the moment). Not sure if I should format it back to GPT or what. Changing boot orders also does not work.

I'm not sure if this is because the drive is in an enclosure, or if it's just because it didn't work. Also, here's what bootgrabber.exe /tlist says:

The drive I'm trying to boot from is D:/

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Define enclosure. USB or eSATA?
You can't boot it from a USB enclosure without immense trickery.