Installed SSD and Boot name needs changing

I have been running Easy BCD for at least 4 years without issue on the observatory computer. I had tow Win 7 installs with each having it's own telescope configuration. I had the systems named to reflect which telescope it would be using. I just installed new Samsung SSD, at least the first, and the name was assigned as Windows 7. I need to rename that to reflect the telescope as before but don't see where this can be done. I have the second drive to do yet but want to be sure the boot identifier is set first on the first drive so they don't become confused. Any suggestions on where and how I can do this?




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"Edit Boot Menu" > Rename button
Thanks Terry,

I missed this but you're reply took care of the issue. Cloning both drives over to SSDs was a bit more involved that I originally thought but DualBoot Pro made easy work of getting it back online and much faster now.

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