Installed XP after Win7.


So i installed XP on a different HDD than the HDD that win7 was on, and now my computer boots directly into XP, and i can't use my Win7 anymore.
I downloaded EasyBCD an i followed the steps, meaning i wrote a MBR, after i added XP entry, and Win7 entry and restarted.
But to no avail, my computer was booting directly into XP.
I am desperate because i don't want to have to reinstall everything that i had installed on my Win7 Os.
What else can be done?

Thanks in Advance !
Check your BIOS and make sure you're booting from the W7 HDD not the XP.
If you disconnect/reconnect HDDs the BIOS boot sequence will change.
THankx for the fast reply
i already checked that, meaning that i made my Win7 HHD as primary HDD and now i get the message on black screen saying i need to insert boot disk etc u know that messenge i bet:tongueout:
So i need to add as primary the XP HDD since i can't boot into anything.
Is there any hope for me? Or i need to format and reinstall W7? I hope not :frowning:
I don't what you mean by "primary" in this context .
Primary is a bootable partition which occupies one of the 4 slots in the MBR partition table.
I mean that you should enter the BIOS setup utility, navigate to the boot section, then the HDD sub-section and check that the W7 HDD comes before the XP HDD in the boot sequence.
If you've done that and you're sure it's correct, then post a Disk Management screenshot, and paste the output from EasyBCD "view settings" (detailed mode) in your next post.
The sticky thread will give you details of how to do that.
Make sure you've also read the "I've installed XP and now I can't boot Vista/7" section.