Installing easyBCD under XP Pro


Hi there

Having recently obtained this very smart tool, and installing it under Windows Server 2008, I can now boot onto either. This pleases me greatly.

But I then tried installing it on a backup machine with two installations of XP Pro SP3. However this fails; and I now assume the tool is not designed for that OS.

Can someone confirm my observation as correct?
More importantly, would an earlier version of easyBCD work with XP Pro?

Input would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Peter,

EasyBCD only works on Windows XP if Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, or Windows 7 is also installed on the same machine.
Well, thank you very much; that answers my question and confirms my observation. So no hope for a standalone XP Pro installation.

Tad sad, but there you go.
There is a reason for the lack of XP support. XP doesnt use the BCD for booting purposes. That was only included in the supported OS's noted by Guru. XP uses the boot.ini which EasyBCD can add and modify. But the BCD is a completely new boot loader which XP doesnt support itself and since EasyBCD is just a graphic representation of the BCD, there is no way we could ever support just a standalone XP system with it.
That explains why EasyBCD just hangs/doesnt open when I tried it on my XP Pro machine to hopefully fix a "no g2LDR" error I get when trying to boot. That error appeared after I tried your EasyRe CD to fix a stubborn "NTLDR missing" problem. Can you suggest where I go from here? I didnt have linux on my machine, just XP Pro, and I believe the g2LDR error is something to do with Linux. Is there a way I can fix it or remove any traces of linux? I can access the drive as a USB slave on another machine and I can see the g2LDR file has been added to the root since the EasyRe CD did its thing.