Installing GRUB


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My intention was to set up a Vista/Ubuntu dual boot (with Vista already existing).

When installing Ubuntu 7.10 I accidentally unchecked the box to install the GRUB bootloader as opposed to changing the location.

I added Ubuntu to the Vista bootloader using Easybcd. When I restarted and selected the Ubuntu option I was taken to a GRUB 'shell' (presumably because it could not locate the GRUB configuration file - as it is non-existant - and thus it is unable to boot).

When invoking the command "setup(hd0,2)" via the GRUB 'shell' the following is returned:
Checking if "/boot/grub/stage1" exists... no
Checking if "grub/stage1" exists... no


Error 17: File not found

How can I go about setting up GRUB?

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