Installing IntelliPoint 4.12 On Vista RC1?



I'v got a little problem.

I own a Wireless Multimedia Keyboard and an IntellEye Explorer 3.0 (The non-wireless version)
No probleme for installation intelliType Pro for the Keyboard, but for the mouse it's not as good.

I Tried all of this version of IntelliPoint:

* 4.12 -> the best for my mouse but didn't install.
* 5.0 -> install great but this version of intellipoint is very bad (less programming option, no "per-program" option etc.
* 5.2 & 5.5 -> Doesn't support my mouse, only Explorer 4 and bouton configuration don't work

My question is simple: is there anyone who try to install intellipoint 4.12 ? Or is there a way for this ? This version seems to work different as 5.x.

Thanks for answer.
Stupid question, but, did you try running the 4.12 installer in XP compatibility mode?

Your best bet (if that doesn't work) is to install it on an XP computer and then grab the program files folder and the extracted drivers and copy them over to the Vista machine/partition...

Good luck!
Of course I Tried the compatibility mode. But as for the 5.x it doesn't work.
I also tried to replace 5.0 files by 4.12 files and put into systeme files those who comme with 4.12 .. without succes :dead:

I'm unluky, the only foncitonnal driver is the worst ...
Does the mouse work at all? I mean, do you have basic "mousing" abilities, or are you trying to make the intellipoint advanced options work?

Also, can you give me a link to the 4.12 drivers? I may be able to make it work on Vista.

just for giving some news about my problem.

Since a few days a new driver for intellimouse Explorer3.0 is available on Windows Update. With this new driver it's possible to use intellipoint 6.02 for XP.
This version of intellipiont doesn't need any tweak for installation, juste run setupstb.exe with compatibility mode for XP SP2 and it work really fine!
Now I can use all the features of my mouse under Vista.
Morover: the new feature of 6.02 version (the simili "expose" one) work fine .. for me it work better than MyExpose (see