installing Linux alongside Windows 8.1 with uefi

I'm wanting to install mint 16 x64 next to win 8 on a secure boot setup. I used Windows disk utility to shrink Windows partition to leave free space for Linux. Not sure how to go about installing mint and keeping Windows bootable. When installing Linux and I get to install screen I usually use the manual install option and choose and create my partition there, my main question is where to install the boot info? Usually Linux defaults to sda1 but I'm concerned this will ruin my win 8 uefi boot, and If I can't boot to Windows I won't be able to use easy bcd. Would it be better to create a separate boot partition for grub? Just trying to research before running into problems. I watched a video where I believe they did the install within Windows and used easy bcd but it was in French and I had a hard time following along once they got to the easy bcd part not being fluent in French!


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Windows 8 on UEFI with secure boot won't allow any foreign OS in a dual boot. EasyBCD cannot circumvent the restriction.
The only known option at present is to allow grub to control the boot and let it chain the W8 bootmgr.
OK. I have experimented with the bios, I can turn secure boot off, do I need to do so and if so will grub handle the boot loader in the normal fashion and load windows 8? I have read allot of scepticism on this topic.

Edit: Here's a link to the video I was referring to in the above post if anyone's interested. I assume this must not be a secure boot w8 setup.

dualboot Windows 8 1 Linux mint 16
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5:43 into that video, you can see in EasyBCD "winload.exe"
i.e. It's not a UEFI system.
Windows 8 can be treated like Vista/7 in a BIOS/MBR Disk situation. EasyBCD will manage everything.
Windows 8 with UEFI normally comes pre-installed with secure boot, but even if you turn it off, the W8 EFI boot loader won't load non EFI components, so EasyBCD cannot be used to create a dual-boot.
You'll have to go the grub in control route.