installing linux o/s


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Hi everyone, Merry Christmas. Can someone help me please with my prob. I have a 500 gig h/d in my laptop, and I am running Windows 7 and Windows vista (both ultimate ) with 7 booting first. My h/d is partitioned as Windows 7 (1st) Windows Vista (2nd) empty partition (3rd) and data (last) I would like to install a linux o/s into the empty partition so that I may run the three o/s. Can easy bcd enable me to do this ? any advice on installing linux into the spare partition also gratefully accepted. Size of spare partition 40 gig. Thanks again.
EasyBCD is not a tool to help you accomplish what you want. It is a tool used to see and make changes to the BCD, also known as the Vista/Win7 bootloader. So that you dont have to use the Linux bootloaders like GRUB. Installing Linux will be done and then you will have to take steps to restore the BCD loader and add a Linux Entry.

More information about this is available in our Wiki.

To install Linux we have some guides on that as well. Just check the Wiki page already linked to for information on Ubuntu and Fedora.