Installing new boot hard drive


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I have two hard drives one of which has XP Pro SP3 (first primary) and Vista (2nd primary partition). Using EasyBCD in Vista to boot between the two O/Ss. Want to replace the drive with the two O/Ss with a larger hard drive. Will copy the partitions either using Partition Magic or Acronis Disk Director.

How do I make it so that the new drive will be bootable after copying the partitions from the old hard drive?
Well I can boot into Vista on the new drive and when I select XP I see the normal splash screen followed by a smaller XP logo on a blue background. However that is as far as it gets. I never see the fast login screen with the list of usernames.
Do a repair install for XP from XP's cd. Than do startup repair for Vista from Vista's DVD after XP is booting correctly. Add a new entry for XP with EasyBCD beta.
Well tried doing just a Fixboot and no change on the problem. XP still boots part way to the point where it display the small XP logo on the blue background. I also tried a fixmbr and fixboot and same thing.
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It seems to be getting further than the boot as such, that's why Jus suggested a repair install. That should fix whatever's hanging XP as it tries to initiate.
(the repair install will (like a full install) overwrite the MBR with XP's boot, hence why you'll need to repair the Vista boot afterwards to put Vista back in charge, then add XP to the Vista BCD with EasyBCD 2.0
Well got the cloning to work but used a free util from Easeus called Drive Copy. Made sure the the destination drive was on the controller connection where it was going to be used and was empty. Copied the drive and before rebooting I unplugged the source drive. Both XP and Vista boot fine. Do not know why the other utils had problems. I need to do this to another machine here so I had to get the process correct.